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When you flex your coding muscles, C# gives you a standing ovation.

Coding is the most exciting job there is. So much so, in fact, that many software Engineers have trouble distinguishing between job and hobby. However, as George Orwell so eloquently phrased it: alle coding jobs are equal, but some coding jobs are more equal than others. At the Visma/Raet software lab, we specialize in coding projects that transcend traditional boundaries. It’s not only the ideal proving ground for experienced Software Engineers who long back to their pioneering days, but also for talented code-crunchers who want to debut (successfully!) in the HR software Champions League.

What will you do?
Time will tell! Because ‘business as usual’ does not apply in this role; you’ll take on projects which benefit most from your team’s inquisitive nature and experimental approach to development. To venture a guess, you’ll take on challenges pertaining to scalability and configurability. E.g. how can we harmonize workflows, so that all customers profit from best practices we initially developed for individual clients? Other examples include participating in the design process, maturing the architecture and implementing new iterations. And if you can improve our services in ways that further differentiate our HR platform from those of our competitors: dive headfirst into it, with a healthy disregard for naysayers and sceptics. After all, once you succeed, they’ll be cheering from the sidelines with the rest of us!

Any travel buddies?
Of course! These obviously include your fellow lab rats, and the highly experienced architect heading the lab initiative. If the eggs you incubate are solid gold, that number might go up. You’ll also work closely with the 40+ autonomous Scrum teams we deploy, and with the business itself; your main sources of technical and client inspiration!

How do you code?
As a team! And with a great sense of shared ownership. In tandem with your colleagues, you prioritize projects based on the (perceived) customer and business value. Even though team results are the true measurement of development success, you assume full responsibility for your code. Especially when it’s taken into production. E.g., by supporting Scrum teams and/or end users. Of note: we want you to challenge us nonstop. And yes, that includes the capo di tutti coding capi that (thinks he) runs the lab!

What tools and techniques can you expect?

  • C#
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Agile, Scrum
  • VSTS and GIT
  • UML

Who would we welcome aboard?
You’re either an experienced Software Engineer who is versed in C#, never lost his/her pioneering spirit and is always eager to learn and try new technologies and concepts. Or someone who is fresh out of university and is bustling with crazy (?) ideas to revolutionize the coding process. Affinity with complex algorithms and data structures is a must. That goes for experience with building resilient, scalable and fast-performing systems (preferably: workflow-oriented platforms) as well. If you bring in Microsoft Azure, VSTS and/or GIT knowledge, we’ll gladly provide you with the secret key to our lab. It goes without saying, that this role requires you to go the extra mile (or two or three) and a willingness to try, fail, and try again until the solution can be handed over to regular development teams. Geekiness is considered an asset, but only if your communication skills kinda sorta pass muster.

Where, what and why?
Visma/Raet is located in Amersfoort. Here, you’ll meet most of your new colleagues, including some 300 IT professionals. We work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. As you might expect from an HR-solutions specialist, we offer a benefits package that is a cut above the rest, and not only includes a fair salary and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also flexible work arrangements. Of note: you’ll work in an international, English speaking environment. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat wel een pre.

Meer info?

+31 88 230 2300 company/raet

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