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At some point your entire work environment can start feeling a little legacy
That’s when you should switch to Raet

As far as corporate work environments are concerned, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Let’s face it, you may be discussing the tooling with different colleagues than 5 years ago. But the culture? That’s probably just as suit & tie as when you were walking around in Star Wars T-shirts. Does your work environment ever evoke a legacy sensation? Then meet Raet: the software house where over 10k corporates source their HR solutions. At Raet, it’s all about code. It’s a difference that shows. In the passion with which we embrace Agile/Scrum frameworks. In the freedom you get (flexible work arrangements? No problem!) to crunch code creatively. And in the informal and friendly team atmosphere.

What will you do?
You’ll take the Netherlands’ preeminent payrolling engine – contributing to roughly 3 million monthly pay slips – apart. And build it back up so it caters to the distinct Belgian market. Oh, and when we said ‘take apart’, we didn’t mean that literally. Your team uses the same code base as the developers that fine-tune the Dutch core version. So making mistakes is a bit of a no-no. We use a robust OTLT/EAV database environment setup, which may not be the latest and greatest, but it will certainly appeal to SQL Developers who appreciate logic. That said, both the way we develop (DevOps, Scrum/Agile) and the tooling you’ll work with are decidedly 2018.  

Any travel buddies?
Yes! You’ll join an autonomous Scrum team that’s dedicated to this project’s success. You’ll work most closely with the 36 colleagues that make up ‘The Red Devils’ (if that doesn’t ring a bell, you’re not into soccer much – no sweat), but will frequently peek over the hedge to check what Team Orange (see above) is up to. So, co-creation is the name of the development game!

Who would we welcome aboard?
An experienced (but still eager) SQL Developer, preferably one who is familiar with handling and maintaining large datasets in Payroll or ERP/CRM platforms. Knowledge of OTLT/EAV models is welcome, but we have plenty of (cough) legacy guys and gals who can teach you those ropes. Testing affinity is a must, tSQLt a fancy ‘must-do’. For this role, we expect you to be able to assess and advise on the completeness of User Stories (Definition-Of-Ready) as well as all development and testing procedures (Definition-Of-Done). It goes without saying that you’re not miserly with your knowledge; teammates can count on your insights!

  • The tech/application stack
  • SQL and tSQLt
  • Pipeline tools like VSTS, XL Deploy and Powershell
  • EAV DB

Where, what and why?
Raet is located in Amersfoort. Here, you’ll meet most of your new colleagues, including 300 IT professionals. At Raet, we work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. As you might expect from an HR-solutions specialist, we offer a benefits package that is a cut above the rest, and not only includes a fair salary and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also flexible work arrangements. Of note: you’ll work in an international setting, where English is the preferred language. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat natuurlijk wel mooi meegenomen.

Meer info?

Software development
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