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What can millions employees tell you, and how can you use those insights to their advantage?

Some numbers first? Our Youforce platform facilitates HR processes for 1.200+ clients in the public sector. That adds up to millions of employees, for which Youforce streamlines people management processes. But even though we’re fond of numbers, what we love even more, is corralling numbers into data and information. Because that’s when actionable patterns emerge. In the case of Youforce, those patterns may point to operational bottlenecks or fluctuations in, for example, employee engagement. And there’s much more, because we’ve barely scratched the surface of what employee data can and should tell us. Are you as curious about ‘people patterns’ as we are, and do you want to revolutionize HR best practices through deep learning and advanced algorithms?

As our Product Owner Business Intelligence
That is exactly what you’ll contribute to, because you are the linking pin between external clients and Visma/Raet’s Business Intelligence community. As our Product Owner Business Intelligence, you liaise with client counterparts – sometimes in person, and often at the senior management level – to identify clients’ evolving wishes and translate those into solid requirements. Both from the client perspective (what is called for and how can we meet or exceed expectations?) and a broader commercial position (how can we assure that our solutions are infinitely scalable and ‘transferrable’?), so we can effectively leverage client and business value.

To achieve this ambition, you work in tandem with our internal Product Manager (feel free to challenge him when you think a challenge is due!), and keep close ties with software engineers, UX designers and testers. All of whom you’ll align, engage and commit. What makes this role so attractive and challenging, is the fact we’re transitioning from ‘traditional’ Business Intelligence frameworks into deep learning territory. So an increasing number of your BI solutions will be driven by advanced analytics. As our Product Owner Business Intelligence, it’s up to you to assure we always make the right choices, e.g. with respect to product positioning and roadmaps, business vision and strategy, development priorities and customer satisfaction with current products. In short; you help us deliver on the machine learning promise, so millions of employees will experience how ‘machines’ can make their work more effective, as well as more enjoyable.

This is what you’ll bring to the BI table
A pioneering mindset – you want to boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before. And if that entails the risk of running into intimidating BI aliens, so be it. At the same time, you aren’t into Business Intelligence as an academic pursuit; you do strive to maximize business and client value. After all, no matter how elegant, innovative or robust a solution is, if it doesn’t deliver what the client expects, it’s not a solution. As for your background, we value a strong BI track record more than degrees. As far as we’re concerned, the proof of the BI pudding is in the eating! Any Product Owner Business Intelligence worth his/her salt will agree.

Must haves

  • Business Intelligence knowledge. A bit predictable, but there you have it.
  • Product Owner experience would be an asset, familiarity with deep learning is a must
  • You want to quickly push the BI envelope, but understand that a slow but steady approach often yields the best results
  • Geekiness is a virtue, but we do expect you to level with a lot of stakeholders, so strong communication and presentation skills are called for
  • You’re a true team player; you never cross the finish solo
  • Your user stories always end on a positive note

What you see and what you get
Visma/Raet is located in Amersfoort. Here, you’ll meet most of your new colleagues, including just over 300 IT professionals. At Visma/Raet, we work hard, but we don’t believe a competitive culture nets the best results, so the atmosphere is open, inviting and collaborative. As you might expect from an HR-solutions specialist, we offer a benefits package that is a cut above the rest, and not only includes a fair salary and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also flexible work arrangements. Work from home? Fine with us. Need to take the afternoon off to see your kid in a school musical? Don’t forget to app us some pics!  Of note: as Product Owner Business Intelligence you’ll work in an international setting, where English is the language of choice. Als je dit kunt lezen, is dat natuurlijk wel mooi meegenomen

Meer info?

+31 88 230 2300 company/raet

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