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Are you passionate about IT, and want to build cool stuff that has an impact on how many people work day by day? Do you get a kick from developing state-of-the-art software? Are you up for a real challenge, and are you - or do you have the potential to become - a really world-class software engineer or IT professional? Then please read on, because this may be the opportunity you have been craving for....


Our company's name, Raet, may not ring a bell - even though we are a leading software firm and cloud solutions provider (SAAS) with millions of daily users. Headquartered in Holland, our "Youforce" platform helps more than 1500 clients with Human Capital Management (HCM) - ranging from standard payroll for more than 25% of the entire Dutch workforce to advanced & funky eHRM (Human Resource Management) applications that enable global clients to find, hire and further develop their talent and succeed in tomorrow's economy. Human Resources may not have been the domain you had first in mind, but realize that tons of studies and research have shown that the champions of tomorrow are those companies that are best able to develop their employees and use their skills - and that is exactly why what we make matters...


We are with almost 1000, including more than 200 software developers, in various development centres across the globe.


Raet is not a start-up - so we can offer a long-term perspective and you can be assured that we'll be around - but it is also not a mammoth - so agility and entrepreneurship are still part of our DNA: we think we are right-sized and are looking for you to help strengthen that "can-do" spirit.


In today's tech domain, we need to move fast - and that's what we also want to do when hiring our new Youforce team. Which has to be top notch - and has been waiting for your force.


As such, we are looking for  a PHP Software Engineers who will be responsible for the development, construction and maintenance of new systems. We embrace agility, and apply the SAFe framework to ensure we scale our agile practices across our portfolio.


As member of a self-organizing Scrum team, you help decide how work  is addressed and optimally distributed among the team members. While keeping focus on delivering committed result as a team, you assume full responsibility for delivering your assignments - and are fine to assist with or to take over tasks originally assigned to other colleagues. You feel responsible towards end-users, and reach out when they need your help. You make full use of the freedoms given to "do your thing" and to be innovative in creating new technology, but stick fully to common promises made towards your colleagues & the organization. At the same time, you help improving our best practices - and are constantly looking to make them even better.




  • Report on progress of work to Scrum Master and/or Development Manager 
  • Participate in knowledge "guilds"  and actively share and develop knowledge on software development, professional development, software quality, new technology, new tools and techniques and training.
  • Work as part of a scrum team on implementing new features or improve existing features.
  • Participate in code reviews and pair with your peers when coding.
  • Actively work on improving one’s skills and knowledge (with support of the company).
  • As a team, support releasing the software and providing support to operational management.
  • Focus on quality assurance and user acceptance of solutions prior to implementation.
  • Follow, design and foster best practices and methodologies.
  • Self-motivated with strong ability to work independently.


Technical skills we look for include (ideally you possess these - or you have a demonstrated ability to acquire them fast, and excel in using/applying them):

  • Strong knowledge & experience with eXtreme Programming, Lean & Scrum - knowledge of and experience with SAFe is a plus
  • Advanced expertise in at least several of the following: PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, TDD, PHPUnit,  HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS.
  • Optional Skills:  Functional, Integration and Regression Testing, PHP Frameworks.  


If you combine this expertise with a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral degree, then this will be a plus that will be  fully recognized. However, some of you may have acquired world-class expertise in another manner, and that is also fine. In addition, any previous experience with HCM software is an asset.

Finally, and of utmost importance, we are looking for team members who share our mindset & core values: SMART, helpful, conscious, expert & reliable. You have a strong commitment towards quality of work - and realize that quality code comes in the first place from having the right mindset - and embrace transparency. 

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