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Want to sign off on a NextGen platform architecture?

Over 1,100 employees. Roughly 300 IT colleagues, working in 40+ Scrum/Agile teams. A presence in 14 countries. Newest member of the Visma family and proud cosponsor of successful speed skating and cycling teams. Preferred HR and/or Payroll partner of 10,000+ corporate customers. Good for an autonomous revenue of ~160 million euro. This is Raet in a quantitative nutshell. But above all, Raet is a people-oriented organization, and we appreciate that a good salary means more if you can spend time on the ‘more important’ things in life, like cycling and skating with the kids. Agree? Climb aboard as Lead Architect HR or Payroll!

This is what we’re looking for
As Lead Architect you develop and embed the domain architecture of the Raet HR or Payroll solution. This begins with developing high level concepts and translating these into architectural models that are ‘infinitely’ scalable and demonstrably robust. You are the ambassador of your architectural vision, and you generate support for your ideas at all levels of the organization, as well as traction for the changes these ideas inspire. Not from a barricaded room in an ivory tower, but from the trenches, as a sounding board and discussion partner for our Scrum teams. You are the architectural conscience of our product owners, software architects, developers and product managers. And they all demand your constant attention. Communication is the name of the game! It’s your responsibility to convince all stakeholders and external customers of the benefits and necessity of your decisions. For example by explaining your reasoning in light of evolving laws and regulations.

Should we bet the business on mobile and cloud services? How can we apply machine learning? You translate current developments into future-proof architecture principles. And while innovation is a key component, we also don’t want to get too far ahead of the business. We admire solo efforts, but we’d rather celebrate team successes. Furthermore, we operate in a heavily regulated market that (rightly) demands tight data security procedures. As Lead Architect you will of course also zoom in on more operational aspects. For example by identifying and eliminating risks. As Lead Architect you report directly to our Chief Architect and are a member of our architecture board, where the coffee flows fast, as do the insights and experiences we share with each other. These meetings double as our informal continuous development!

This is what you’ll need
Experience and power of persuasion! The (ahum) weighty role of Lead Architect requires that you can level with everyone. For example, in order to uncover latent needs, string those requirements into coherent proposals, and present a compelling case to act on your recommendation. That will only happen if you’re a pro in the material as well as in communication. Analytical prowess, conceptual thinking, and getting results – unraveling Gordian knots is your hobby, but you also know when to reach for a cleaver – are requisite qualities.

Hard requirements

  • Bachelor’s/ master’s degree
  • 10+ years of experience in software development of which ~5 years in software architecture
  • Familiar with service oriented and cloud architecture principles
  • Scalability and robustness go together in your view
  • Not afraid to fail; it makes you stronger
  • You love to spend time with friends and family, but you don’t mind spending a few days per month in other countries

Favorite tools and techniques

  • Microsoft stack (.NET, C#, SQL, Visual Studio, Azure)
  • Front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular
  • Continuous integration & continuous deployment
  • Agile Scrum!

What you see and what you get
The first thing you’ll see, is our main office in Amersfoort. This is where most of your new colleagues work. About 1,100 in total, including 300 IT professionals who produce code for HR and payroll software in Agile Scrum teams. What you get, is the opportunity to make real contributions to the architectures of top-rated organizations that will enhance their organizational flexibility. At Raet, you also ‘get’ a fair salary (higher than at comparable organizations), the opportunity to partially work from home, and the development opportunities you should expect from an organization that encourages employees to determine their own career path. Also good to know; at Raet we always want to give our customers the very best. But we realize that this is only possible if our people are content and have enough time to lead a fulfilling life outside of the office.

Meer info?

+31 88 230 2300 company/raet

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